Mykah Smith
Project Manager
P.O. Box SS- 6203, Nassau, Bahamas

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What is Cans for Kids?

Cans for Kids is a non-profit organization based in Nassau, the Bahamas, that raises funds for schools and youth organizations through the recycling of aluminum cans.

The three main goals of the organization are to:

  • Reduce the amount of solid waste that ends up at landfills,
  • Enlighten the public on the long-term benefits of recycling, and
  • Raise funds for kids in the Bahamas.

Our hope is that the next generation of Bahamian children will make recycling commonplace.

So join us in doing something good for the environment while helping the children of the Bahamas. We're proud of being able to do something good for the environment while helping the children of the Bahamas.


Wastenot Bahamas Ltd. is an environmentally conscious waste management company in the Bahamas. They donate the use of their office, property to store and operate the densifier, a collection vehicle, fuel and labor to Cans for Kids.

Ronald Atkinson and Co. is one of the oldest and most well-respected accounting firms in the Bahamas and has been donating their services to Cans for Kids since 1998.

Caribbean Bottling Co. Bahamas Ltd. (CBC Bahamas) has been one of Cans for Kids' most consistent corporate supporters. In one year alone, CBC Bahamas donated in excess of 350,000 cans (more than 20,000 lbs. of aluminum) to Cans for Kids for recycling.

Bahamas Hot Mix generously donated several aluminum can receptacles for schools throughout the Bahamas.
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